What previous clients thought of our service...


Pamela Uddin
Finalist, ‘The Apprentice UK’, BBC

‘Phenomenal and inspiring are the two words I would use to describe Nicky's coaching methods....’

Liz Murphy
CRM / Business Development Professional
‘Having visited and worked with various agencies to assist with interview preparation with limited success. I met with Nicky because of his expertise in this field. To say it was a pleasure working with him is an understatement. He is an expert in this field....’

Mary Murphy
SEO | Digital Marketing Specialist at Freelance
‘Nicky has an innate understanding of people and their unique drivers. This, coupled with a very perceptive knowledge of what motivates people, enables him to get the best from you and for you. With a professional, open and honest approach and a kaizen mentality Nicky nurtures the very best from everyone he comes into contact with leaving them with a sense of achievement, positivity and a "can-do" attitude....’

Philip Galligan
Independent Professional Business Advisor providing practical actions and expertise for better business results
‘I have attended a number of Nicky's workshops. Nicky is a superb communicator and he is passionate and inspirational. He cares about people and understands people. He understands the challenge of failure and rebuilding....’

Paddy McMahon
HR Director - Ireland & Western Europe at Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland
‘Nicky is engaging, interesting, results focussed, creative and highly professional. Delivery as a trainer is polished and challenging, never boring. As a consultant he is insightful and systematic. As a colleague he is helpful and supportive....’

Sandra Mills
Aromatherapist specialising in Pre-natal care , skin conditions and health Disorders
‘I'm so grateful for the help that Nicky gave me during a difficult and very stressful business transition. I felt amazing support when he started working with me. His guidance and coaching helped me find clarity with my situation and helped me let go of the fear and panic that was crippling me at the time. He showed me that there was a way out. I knew I could trust him which was very important to me because I was feeling very much out of my depth. His knowledge and experience brought a calmness back into my life. He helped me take back my power. I will always be very thankful....’

Declan Walsh
General Manager at Kel Tech Engineering
‘I have used Nicky and find his work to be insightful and challenging for the people he is training. All the people he works with enjoy his professional approach and the results have spoken for themselves. He can tailor the training to the needs of the company without losing any of the content, a great trainer with superb enthusiasm for his job....’

Niamh Flynn
Managing Director Bodywatch Ltd.
‘Nicky is full of energy and enthusiasm for every project he takes on. A great person to have on any team....’ 

David Sheehan
Founder, CEO, FastForm Research
‘A charismatic communicator, Nicky was invaluable as a mentor....a competent educator who has the intelligence and ability to distil complex ideas and concepts into understandable nuggets of information that made the subject easier to comprehend and more enjoyable for me....’