‘So many promising lives have ended with well-paid jobs.’
Millions of people are caught in the job trap. Many of them are unemployed, and have being trapped into thinking that they need to find a job – any job. Many more already have jobs, but they find that the work that they do is meaningless, uninteresting and unfulfilling. They are trapped in the belief that there’s nothing better for them out there. But it doesn’t have to be like that.
Imagine a world in which you wake up every morning, charged with excitement about the work you’re about to do, a world in which your job is more than just a trade-off of your time for someone else’s money. Imagine having a job that’s more like a hobby, one that pays very well and gives you the opportunity, every hour of every day, to become better and better at something you love doing. That’s what this book is about: discovering what that job is, and creating your personal roadmap towards securing it.
If you think that this sounds like some unachievable heaven on earth, think again. Some of the happiest and most successful people in the world are happy and successful precisely because they have found such a job. When you find that job, your world will become a better place. Work becomes a journey, and the route is paved with interesting challenges and fulfilling and rewarding experiences.
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