Our Approach

As a performance enhancement service provider, our emphasis is unique in that we don’t, initially, focus on skills development. Our years of experience has taught us that, in the critical business activities of leadership, motivation, communication and selling, the key determinant of success is attitude which, in turn, is based on personal beliefs and assumptions unique to every individual participant. A growing body of research has repeatedly and consistently vindicated our approach.

Our workshops focus on the beliefs-assumptions-attitudes model of human behaviour and motivation in a way that creates a stronger level of self-awareness in participants. This enhanced self-awareness, combined with a clear understanding of how our cognitive behaviour shapes our responses and reactions in interpersonal situations, makes for a significant improvement in the quality of our interactions with managers, staff and customers.   

About Nicky

Nicky O’Brien is a Certified Hypnotherapist with extensive experience in people development and business management. Having worked with Eircom in Operations, Finance and Marketing and Sales management, Nicky graduated in 1995 with a First Class Honours Business degree from Waterford Institute of Technology. Since then he has acquired and operated a number of retail food and grocery businesses. He lectured for six years as a member of WIT’s Business School, and has delivered management and sales training coaching programmes to a wide range of organisations in both the state and private sectors. He served as Chairman of the Marketing Institute’s South East Region during 2000, and was a member of the Institute’s National Executive Council during that time. Nicky also holds a National Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the National University of Ireland.